I'm a 21-year-old transgender woman and I'm proud of it. I don't plan on being coy about who I am and what's going on in my life, though I hope I won't be too overbearing about it either! This site is mine to talk about everything, including myself, and I plan to use it.

Blogger. Author. Aspiring game developer and modder.

I've always loved writing fiction; creating new worlds and developing the people and geography within them. I one day hope to be a published author, and the road to doing that will be discussed here, as well as some snippets of my journey to it.


Video Games.

While I plan to dive into coding via Minecraft through mods, I will eventually be making my own games as well. I love everything about video games, from the locales to the characters to the little tropes, and will be talking about that quite a bit as well.